White Christmas!

White Christmas Graham Cole

I went to see Graham in White Christmas on Tuesday night and had a brilliant time! The show is based on the classic film of the same name and is a lovely, funny, festive, heart-warming production, full of glitz, glamour and 50’s fashions.



Graham plays General Waverly, the army-general-turned-innkeeper (who gets the best speech in the whole show).  He storms across the stage in a gruff flurry of barked orders and withering stares, while still managing to bring out the heart and warmth in the character. There are a couple of surprises that I won’t spoil here, but fellow Stampers will be very impressed!

The whole cast are excellent and the tap routines are mesmerising. The sets deserve special mention as they are very creative and capture the Vermont setting perfectly. (A particular favourite being the night-time exterior of the Inn.)

If you can make it to Edinburgh, I strongly recommend that you see this show!

You can book tickets on the Edinburgh Festival Theatre website here.

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White Christmas Graham Cole 3

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