PC Tony Stamp Biography

Tony Stamp

by Dot (biohazard)

Tony Stamp was born in Slough, probably to a single mother who took her son all over the world in the course of her (unknown) job(s) (Although, in the episode “Head over heels” Tony said “My PARENTS are proud of me”).  The 2 of them finally came back to Slough and the teenage Tony joined the Police.  After passing out of Hendon, he opted to join the Met force on the grounds that it would be “more exciting” than his local force.  He developed an interest in, and became skilled at, police driving techniques and eventually ended up as an advanced driver at Sun Hill nick. He is very protective of his status as principal area car driver there and sometimes goes on the offensive while jealously guarding this position.

He has remained a constable throughout his whole career because either he didn’t bother to take the Sergeants exams or he deliberately failed the exams, on the grounds that he wished “to stay out on the streets.”

Stamp is one of Sun Hill’s longest serving officers. Tony is a big, caring and dedicated policeman with a bit of a short fuse, and is popular with his colleagues. He’s a bit of a whinger but, also a joker who’s always been one-of-the-boys.  He’s been injured lots of times during his time at Sun Hill and was even
shot once (in the same incident that saw Viv Martella killed).He has trouble sustaining long-term relationships with women and once even chose his job over marriage when one of his girlfriends gave him an ultimatum.

Tony on the plot – questioning witnesses

Tony is one of a handful of officers at Sun Hill who are permitted to carry a gun, should the situation demand it. At present, he is in love with fellow officer WPC Polly Page, but she
isn’t interested in him (stupid woman!) and she has been using him to further her doomed relationship with Tony’s friend, Dave Quinnan.
Tony’s interests include fishing, classical music, football, rugby, cars and martial arts (he
once ran a judo class for underprivileged children)

Tony and Nick, getting the suspect a room for the night!

All in all, Tony Stamp is a complicated character, a man who is very human, with a lot of faults and attributes (just like the rest of us) and it is a fact that Graham Cole has done a marvellous job, over the years, in bringing this cuddly lovable copper to life in the great TV show that is The Bill.


On 5th November 2009, Tony Stamp walked out of Sun Hill for the last time. Deciding it was time to move on, he accepted a position as a driving instructor at Hendon Police College.