Monthly archive: February 2009

From Absolute Radio: The biggest and best celebrity phone-in returned to the airwaves in October 2007 for another round of Who’s Calling Christian? It’s the game where we get you – the listeners – to approach celebrities and ask them to call Christian during the show for a quick interview. Listen to the call here!

Graham relives his Cyberman past on “It’s Only TV But I Like It”

Part 2 of the Kenny Everett Christmas Special clip

A young Graham appears on the Kenny Everett Christmas Special in 1982 – Part 1


Here’s a video showing the entire cast assembling for a photo-shoot, introduced by Graham. YouTube Video

A classic clip from Noel’s House Party!


A quick YouTube interview with Graham about a recent episode: Graham on YouTube

That Graham Cole is the President of the National Holiday Fund? Graham on the NHF Website The National Holiday Fund for Sick and Disabled Children(Registered Charity Number 327714) Takes chronically or terminally ill children, temporarily or permanently physically disabled children, on a unique international adventure to Florida, USA. In doing so parents, guardians and carers […]

Here’s a link to a video interview with Graham over at The video interview If you’ve never seen him in drag, well, brace yourself….