Monthly archive: April 2009

Some publicity shoot photos of Graham/Tony. Love these! So full of personality!

* What an udderly terrible pun.** ** Sorry.

Oh dear…

A couple of, um, less-than-flattering images of Graham. But here at Stampers we are decicated to bringing you every scrap of news, every piece of gossip and every photo…

A photo of Graham looking very smart at Children’s Champions 2009


The Bill just won the Best Continuing Drama award at the BAFTAs! Congratulations!

The Bill cast photo from 2008. Nice to see Stamp get the front row for a change.

Graham celebrates The Bill’s award from the Radio Televsion Society.

Tony shows his pole dancing skills in this promo shot for The Bill’s 25th Anniversary.! I’d love a bigger version of this photo. If anyone has it, let me know!

Tony gets changed.

Cover model

Graham makes the cover of the TV Times in May 2003