Monthly archive: May 2010

Continuing the multimedia update extravaganza, I’m happy to announce the launch of the Stampers YouTube Channel! On there you’ll find a bunch of videos I’ve uploaded as well as loads more I’ve found on YouTube. I’ll be adding to it frequently so be sure to check back often! Click here to see the videos.

Hi guys, I’ve finally got round to sorting out the pictures and can now announce the launch of the massive new GALLERIES! In there you’ll find every photo of Graham I’ve found (including all the pictures I’ve posted since Stampers became a blog) as well as a separate gallery for Tony Stamp (divided into episodes). […]

Graham is a judge and will be presenting some of the awards at this year’s Rob Knox Film Festival 2010, taking place on 9th June 2010. He is also attending one of the festival events on Wednesday 2nd June 7pm when there is an evening of Pointless Taxi Films at Welling Community Cinema, Wrotham road, […]

I’m very pleased to announce the launch of, the official website of Graham Cole. I’ve been working on this for a few weeks and am very pleased with the way it’s turned out. 🙂 Head on over there and leave him a message!

Today’s photos were taken at Invasion in Barking, East London on 1st May 2010 and come courtesy of Tim Drury. Tim will also be putting up a podcast of the interview on his website, Tim’s Take On…, which he’s kindly allowing me to re-post to Stampers. In the meantime, check out his website and his […]