Interesting bit of info in this article about the Rob Knox Film Festival: [Ben] Trebilcook, is currently producing a martial arts film with a twist, called Candy with martial arts champion Zara Phythian, as well as actors Hugo Speer, Jason Flemyng and Graham Cole. Might we soon see Graham doing so flying scissor-kicks?! đŸ™‚

Today’s excellent photos come courtesy of The Cricket Foundation – Chance to Shine. The Cricket Foundation launched Chance to Shine in May 2005 and set  out to bring competitive cricket – and its educational benefits – back to at least a third of the country’s state schools initially over a ten year period. You can […]

These photos come courtesy of Ham Polo Club and were taken in 2005. You can visit their website here and check out their Flickr photo page here.

If you head on over to the Derelict movie website you can read a profile of Graham’s character Tarsus. Here’s a gallery of images from the film. No information on a release date yet but I’ll keep you informed.

New photos

Here are some gorgeous new photos by Peter Simpkin!

These excellent photos of Graham Cole’s book signing on the 6th July 2010 in Peter Doyle @ The Quay, Sydney, Australia come courtesy of David Heckenberg. Thanks, David!


Here are some photos of Graham signing copies of his autobiography for shopping channel QVC. I’ll let you know when he’s on as soon as I find out. (How great does he look with that beard?!)


Thanks to Matthew Feeney, we’ve now got screengrabs of Graham’s fleeting appearance in Only Fools and Horses! (“It Never Rains…” – Season 2, Episode 6, from 25th November 1982.) Check out the pics below: And you can watch the video here! It will start 9 minutes and 28 seconds into the clip.

Today’s photos were taken at Invasion in Barking, East London on 1st May 2010 and come courtesy of Tim Drury. Tim will also be putting up a podcast of the interview on his website, Tim’s Take On…, which he’s kindly allowing me to re-post to Stampers. In the meantime, check out his website and his […]

These photographs were taken at Norwich Star Wars Club Sci-fi Fair on 1st November 2009. They were very kindly supplied by David Frost and you can visit the website here. *Sorry, couldn’t resist…