Graham is appearing as Abanazar in ALADDIN at the Norwich Theatre Royal. You can read more about it and book your tickets here: Norwich Theatre Royal website He was interviewed by Norwich Evening News 24 and you read that here.           Also, you can see a quick video about it:

Here’s a quick video of out-takes from SOAP OPERA.

Graham Cole presented “Supergran” Ann Timson with the Jill Dando Award. What a great photo! You can see a video below.  Graham appears at roughly the 1:00 mark. Read more here.

Wanna see some behind-the-scenes footage of Graham’s film, DERELICT? ‘Course you do! You can visit the official movie site here –


Thanks to Matthew Feeney, we’ve now got screengrabs of Graham’s fleeting appearance in Only Fools and Horses! (“It Never Rains…” – Season 2, Episode 6, from 25th November 1982.) Check out the pics below: And you can watch the video here! It will start 9 minutes and 28 seconds into the clip.

Here is Graham Cole’s appearance on Countdown on Thursday 4th September 2008 Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4:

Now here’s a real vintage clip! Lorraine Kelly interviews Graham Cole on TV-AM in 1990. Interesting to see Graham being interview so early in his career as PC Tony Stamp.

2 videos

First up, a quick video from a Havering Council event: And now an appearance on Sooty & Co!


A fun little out-take video:

The second part of Graham’s What’s On TV Christmas interview is up! Check it out below: